Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Get rid of high maintenance cost and low productivity by predicting quality issues and asset failures even before they occur. Today, many industries are taking advantage of our predictive maintenance program to detect faults at early stage.

How our data scientists can help you with predictive maintenance

Not paying an attention to machine operations, maintenance and repair can increase company’s overhead substantially. We help you predict asset failures and thereby reduce maintenance cost and increase efficiency.

At Softweb, our IoT and data science experts will install sensors, gather data from machines, create a predictive model, integrate it into your system, reveal actionable insights and provide you with predictive analytics capability so that you do not meet unexpected machine failure.


How the Industrial IoT takes production line monitoring BEYOND AUTOMATION

Webinar Agenda
  • Pitfalls of traditional manufacturing processes and how to overcome
  • What Industry 4.0 really is and why it’s a game changer
  • IT/OT Convergence: The key mantras in smart manufacturing
  • The role of IoT and data analytics in the manufacturing industry
  • Current market trends and value 
  • Smart factory: The evolution not revolution
  • Demo and review of smart production line monitoring
  • Q&A session
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How predictive maintenance can benefit your business

  • Reduces Equipment Costs

    Reduces Equipment Costs

    Unexpected breakdown requires you to replace the entire machine which will cost you more than the maintenance work performed prior to the breakdown.

  • Reduces Repair Time

    Reduces Repair Time

    Planned asset maintenance requires the replacement of specific parts rather than the entire machine, thus reducing the time taken to repair machine.

  • Reduces Production Losses

    Reduces Production Losses

    Predictive analytics helps you identify factors that lead to production failures. This helps you planning next maintenance, ultimately helping you reduce downtime and product losses.

  • Increases Revenue

    Increases Revenue

    Continuous asset monitoring will improve maintenance program management reducing the number of times machine repairing required, thus increasing productivity and revenue.

  • Increases Safety

    Increases Safety

    As predictive maintenance fixes problems prior to failure, you can understand accident causes that previously went unseen. You can now gain helpful insights and use them to increase safety.

  • Increases efficiency of field technicians

    Increases Efficiency

    As field technicians can identify the problem occurring in the machine, they know which parts are needed for repairing and avoiding failure, thus increasing their efficiency.

Case Study

Transforming Field Service Using Predictive Maintenance

A renowned manufacturer of business processing machines was looking to improve its offerings to its customers – retailers, vending companies, and government agencies, to tackle the rising maintenance costs and calculate the efficiency of its field workers.

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Our Data Science Experiments

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