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MongoDB has emerged as the most popular NoSQL database in the market today. It is also one of the top database systems across all platforms. Your data needs to keep changing and expanding. The traditional database systems in most organizations, which are relational databases, are unable to meet the demand of today’s internet driven corporations. Relational databases cannot handle combining of multiple data sources very well. One complete solution like MongoDB can help organization in many ways.

At Softweb Solutions, we help organizations in every step of database management with industry-grade best practices and our vast customer experience.

Case Study

MongoDB Real-time Reporting System for Retailers

ShopperTrak wanted to give its customers a hosted real-time reporting tool for their retail businesses. The idea was to provide an easy to understand reporting system using which retail managers would be able to get updates on sales and traffic conversion without having to wait till the end of the day.

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MongoDB is suitable for the following organizational needs


MongoDB – Multiple Roles & Uses

  • Internet of Things

    MongoDB is increasingly being used for building Internet of Things (IoT) applications. IoT apps need to be able to incorporate data from multiple sources. They work by gathering data from a large number of sensors which stream data constantly. This means real-time and historical data analysis. The traditional database systems in most organizations are not capable of handling these requirements. But MongoDB is able to successfully complete all these tasks. With MongoDB as the database, here are a few examples of the kind of IoT apps that enterprises can build.

    • Fleet Tracking
    • mHealth Devices
    • Connected Home Apps
    • Intelligent Supply Chain Management
    • SmartMeters


  • Big Data

    With MongoDB organizations can leverage Big Data in ways that previously would have been prohibitively expensive. The volume and velocity of data that big organizations have to handle, especially when they receive huge traffic spikes, makes a MongoDB based database system ideal.

    The City of Chicago’s WindyGrid initiative and Broad Institute’s open-source genomics platform are the best examples of how MongoDB helps big organizations make sense of vast amounts of data.


  • Mobile Apps

    MongoDB is the ideal solution for enterprises that have multiple apps and also regularly roll out new ones. Mobile-centric products and services that see a heavy traffic coming from smartphones are also ideally suited for being based on MongoDB.
    MongoDB also has uses in other apps.

    Security and Fraud Apps
    MongoDB is being used to build security and fraud detection apps. Its ability to scale horizontally and dynamic schemas make the technology ideal for fighting cybercrime, counter-terrorism measures and compliance.

    Social and Collaboration Apps
    Social apps capture a lot of myriad data types. The data is used in social networks, tools for online collaboration and must be available 24/7 without any downtime. MongoDB’s scalability makes it ideal for social apps and for collaborative software services.


  • Customer Data Management

    MongoDB is ideal for enterprises who want to handle a variety of applications. Analyzing customer behavior, and more importantly, putting it to use in real-time is possible with a MongoDB-driven system. Here’s a short list of how enterprises are using MongoDB when it comes to managing customer data.

    • CRM
    • ERP
    • Biometrics
    • User profiles
    • Identity and access management
    • Subscriber data management

    This is helping businesses create opportunities for upselling and cross-selling their services and products.


  • Content Management

    MongoDB can also be used for running a content management system that needs advanced capabilities. Photo-sharing apps and news websites are increasingly turning to MongoDB to cut down on their infrastructure costs and also effectively handle millions of users.
    Enterprises that see heavy web traffic depend upon MongoDB to deliver their content. This is because the database can handle not just basic text and photos but also social media feeds and other sources of data. Auction sites that have millions of items listed for sale can cut infrastructure costs by using MongoDB to consolidate all media metadata.


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Industries that are taking advantage of MongoDB

  • MongoDB for Media and Entertainment

    MongoDB for Media and Entertainment

    Media and entertainment organizations should adapt MongoDB for content management and delivery, user data management or digital asset management.

    • Content Archiving
    • Product Catalogs
    • Mobile and Social Apps
    • Feed Aggregation
    • Targeted Ad-Serving Platform

  • MongoDB for Retail

    MongoDB for Retail

    Retailers can use MongoDB in transformative ways to increase their revenue streams. Retailers can also predict their customers’ behavior and convert them with precision targeting.

    • Rich Product Catalogs
    • Customer Data Management
    • Digital Coupons
    • Social Networks
    • Mobile Apps
    • Online photo album services
    • Telecommunications
    • Consumer cloud apps
    • Location-Based Services
    • Real-Time Customer Sentiment Analysis
    • Targeted Ad-Serving Platform

  • MongoDB for Government

    MongoDB for Government

    Governments can use their data in new ways along with MongoDB. Government departments such as city municipal services, national defense and intelligence agencies, etc. can use MongoDB to power its content API, providing data storage in the cloud. Reliable, high-performance applications and expand user experience for people using these services.

    • Surveillance Data Aggregation
    • Crime Data Management and Analytics
    • Citizen Engagement Platform
    • Program Data Management
    • Healthcare Record Management

  • MongoDB for Financial Services

    MongoDB for Financial Services

    Financial services can revamp their core systems with MongoDB. They can analyze trade signals faster, get a single view of their customers, and reduce risks. MongoDB allows financial services to proficiently create and consume data, quickly and securely. MongoDB makes it easy to aggregate data from multiple systems.

    • Risk Analytics and Reporting
    • Reference Data Management
    • Market Data Management
    • Trade Repository
    • Product Catalogs
    • Trade Capture
    • Portfolio Management
    • Quantitative Analysis & Automated Trading
    • Order Capture
    • P&L Reporting
    • Time Series Data
    • Bi-Temporal Data Models
    • Featured Presentations

  • MongoDB for Healthcare

    MongoDB for Healthcare

    The healthcare industry is building applications on MongoDB to reduce costs, meet compliance standards and improve healthcare results. They can depend on MongoDB to address a broad variety of uses while at the same time meet compliance standards and improve healthcare outcomes.

    • 360-Degree Patient View
    • Population Management for At-Risk Demographics
    • Lab Data Management and Analytics
    • Fraud Detection
    • Remote Monitoring and Body Area Networks
    • Mobile Apps for Doctors and Nurses
    • Pandemic Detection with Real-Time Geospatial Analytics
    • Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR)
    • Advanced Auditing Systems for Compliance
    • Hospital Equipment Management and Optimization

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