Bring intelligence to your business with Azure IoT Suite

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Azure IoT Development Services

Work with Softweb Solutions who specializes in designing a connected enterprise solution to bring data to life, while empowering you to monitor, manage, and control your assets wherever they are.

  • Azure IoT Consulting Services

    We help you accelerate business growth by empowering you to analyze untapped data with the Azure IoT Suite.

  • Azure Machine Learning

    We help you design and deploy predictive analytics solutions on your data with Azure.

  • Azure IoT Suite

    Use it for connecting devices to each other, deriving insights and generating new revenue options.

  • Azure Stream Analytics

    Azure stream analytics facilitates real-time analytic computations to unlock deep insights from data.

  • Azure App Services

    Simplify automation of business processes and integration of apps with SaaS solutions.

  • Azure IoT Hub

    Monitor IoT assets, establish bi-directional communication and enhance security for IoT solutions.

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Iot Workshop Agenda

Overcome your IoT challenges with Azure IoT Suite

Learn why Azure IoT Suite is the right platform for your IoT project


Configure in Minutes

No matter how large or small your requirements, we can help business get started with Azure IoT suite in minutes.


Connect any Devices

Azure IoT Suite enables you to connect millions of devices to analyze data to generate deeper insights.


Integrate Business Processes

Azure IoT suite can be easily integrated with your existing application and systems, which makes it simple to access your data.


Predictive Maintenance (PdM) in Manufacturing

Webinar Agenda
  • Why companies need to rethink their customer experience strategy to seize a competitive advantage
  • How to optimize the digital conversion process with tactics such as segmentation, targeting, and testing.
  • How top manufacturers are effectively using mobile strategies to transform and extend engagement across multiple channels.

Our Azure IoT based Smart Solutions

Take your business to the next level using these IoT solutions

  • Smart Factory

    Transform your manufacturing unit into a smart factory by enhancing safety and efficiency.

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  • Smart Asset Monitoring

    Remotely monitor your assets to prevent abrupt machinery breakdowns.

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  • Smart Connected Worker

    Harness the power of IoTConnect to gain real-time visibility into worker health and safety

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  • Smart Retail

    Define your target audience and attract them using proximity marketing strategies.

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  • Smart Building

    Leverage sensors and mobile or web applications to make your office or building smarter.

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  • Smart Logistics

    Fleet management solution ready for smart transportation.

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