IoT-enabled field service management

When a product needs maintenance or repair, most customers prefer a fast, cost-effective, high-quality service. In such situations, an IoT-centric field service solution can help companies deliver better customer service.

The concept behind IoT is that when auto generated service requests are generated for the company, a field technician goes to the customer’s preferred location to carry out repairs, make an inspection, deliver or pick up products. IoT systems give him access to the machine’s data which he receives on his mobile device. The technician will have access to real-time reports and dashboards that give various insights, such as how much load the machine takes each day or billable costs per visit for the customer. Such insights help the technician to complete the job on his first visit.

Case Study

Transforming Field Service Using Predictive Maintenance

With the help of Python and Power BI, Softweb Solutions analyzed the client’s historical data and created mathematical models to predict machine breakdown, save time on resource allocation and improve customer satisfaction.


For example, a manufacturer has installed various sensors in his factory. These sensors will collect the data such as the performance history of the machines and store that data on a cloud platform. That collected data will be analyzed by data scientists. This analysis will help them provide real-time insights with the appropriate predictions. This process of predictive maintenance will help companies to optimize their field services.

IoT- based field service management solutions also allow enterprises to predict machine failures, schedule maintenance, minimize asset cost and offer a better experience to the customers. Industries such as industrial manufacturing, residential and commercial services, high-tech manufacturing, energy and utilities, communication, oil and gas, etc. can use IoT as a field service management solution that is based on sensors, cloud computing and mobile technology.

What you can do with IoT to improve field service

  • Automated Service Scheduling

    Automated service scheduling

  • Workforce Optimization

    Workforce optimization

  • Customer Equipment Performance Tracking

    Customer equipment performance tracking

  • Sensor Based Monitoring

    Sensor based monitoring

  • Real-Time Insights

    Real-Time insights

Getting Started with Predictive Maintenance

Getting Started with Predictive Maintenance

No business can afford sudden downtime. Accidental breakdown of the machinery in a tremendously competitive market is awful…


45% of field service management professionals believe the IoT will likely have the biggest impact on field service by 2020

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