How the Internet of Things delivers business value to the manufacturing industry

While the Industry 4.0 revolution is already underway and reshaping manufacturing processes, IoT is a real game changer in the world of manufacturing that brings remarkable changes and drives significant business value. If we look back, the first industrial revolution was largely driven by steam power. And today, smart sensors, big data, and cloud computing applications are driving the fourth industrial revolution.

IoT brings new opportunities for manufacturers

The biggest challenge in the manufacturing industry is to deliver high-quality products and services at lower costs in a minimum amount of time. Today’s market leaders are more serious about customer satisfaction and other areas that can lead them to increased revenue. IoT is creating new opportunities for companies to improve services, increase efficiency, minimize downtime, and reduce manufacturing costs. With the right IoT solution in place, manufacturers can have access to more resources and assets, gain business insights from accurate and timely data, and increase operational efficiencies and production performance.

Creating a new era for manufacturing

IoT in manufacturing has a larger impact on many areas than one can think of – customer satisfaction, production efficiency, logistics and fleet management, field service management, and so on. But the potential it brings to proactively monitor machines and equipment remotely can make a big difference.

Remote monitoring solutions powered by IoT will empower businesses to harness the capabilities of big data and predictive analytics. It provides real-time access to critical, enterprise-wide data such as machine downtime, production metrics, quality, supply chain and more. It allows manufacturing companies to have better visibility into machine performance and track all key performance indicators remotely. This will help them prevent unwanted downtime, and eventually, reduce costs and enable implementation of effective predictive maintenance programs.

IoT solutions can clearly help manufacturers address various current and possible manufacturing challenges while producing a clear ROI. If deployed correctly, IoT will enable enterprises to take their analytical capability to the next level and differentiate their smart manufacturing capabilities with new business intelligence.

How the Industrial IoT takes production line monitoring BEYOND AUTOMATION

How the Industrial IoT takes production line monitoring BEYOND AUTOMATION


  • Pitfalls of traditional manufacturing processes and how to overcome
  • What Industry 4.0 really is and why it’s a game changer
  • IT/OT Convergence: The key mantras in smart manufacturing
  • Demo and review of smart production line monitoring
  • Q&A session

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What you can do with IoT in manufacturing:

35% of US manufacturers are currently collecting and using data generated by smart sensors to enhance manufacturing/operating processes.

Source: PWC
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