How IoT can be used to make cars smarter

As the world embraces advances in technology, all the aspects of our lives are being connected with each other. The automobile is no exception here. The modern automobile, on an average, has anywhere from 40 to 100 ECUs (Engine Control Unit). It is like driving a bunch of computers on wheels.

Data from on-board diagnostics can be relayed to any device with Internet capability. This can be done by sensors that constantly monitor various parameters that go into the functioning of the car. Combined with an IoT platform and the cloud, companies can gain access to specific information about the vehicle. Using predictive analytics with data accumulated over a period of time, companies can deliver better safety and service, prevent mechanical failures, tire bursts, and malfunctions.

OBD II Diagnostic App : An IoT Solution for an Automobile Parts Manufacturer
Case Study

OBD II Diagnostic App : An IoT Solution for an Automobile Parts Manufacturer

We built a mobile app that communicates with the OBD-II Bluetooth dongle connected to a vehicle and explain any trouble code’s meaning and indicate the possible causes. For more detail download the case study.


The Internet of Things can greatly enhance driver assistance and passenger comfort. In-car entertainment systems connect to the Internet as well as to other devices, allowing the users to virtually choose any form of entertainment available on the Internet, or from the connected device. Sensors can monitor the eye movement of the driver and raise an alarm if it senses sleepiness or fatigue. Drivers can also buy insurance and other related services, directly from the car.

The biggest impact of IoT in the automotive industry can be in the form of safety and security, which cannot be understated. With specific standards and machine learning techniques, cars can talk to each other while they are on the road, and in case they are about to collide, take appropriate action to avoid crashing.

Specific areas within a smart car:

  • Vehicle safety

    Vehicle safety

  • Vehicle theft detection

    Vehicle theft detection

  • Connected vehicle insurance

    Connected vehicle insurance

  • Vehicle 2 Vehicle communication

    Vehicle 2 Vehicle communication

  • Vehicle monitoring and data services

    Vehicle monitoring and data services

  • Remote access to in-car functionalities

    Remote access to in-car functionalities

The connected car market is forecasted to reach $98.42 billion by 2018

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Other IoT use cases