Transforming the Construction Industry with the Internet of Things

The use of Internet of Things in construction industry is modernizing the entire construction industry from roadways to railways and offices to homes. This innovative style of construction is giving more control over the assets and employees to optimize the entire process of construction with better energy usage, resource allocation, and assets management.

How the Industrial IoT takes production line monitoring BEYOND AUTOMATION

Intelligent building solutions: providing greater insights into building operations in real-time


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IoT is completely transforming the ways we use to develop big building structures with the Internet, connected devices, M2M communication, and real-time access of the information. Telematics, asset tracking, and heavy equipment management is taking the construction industry to a new level.

The information from all connected machines is gathered on mobile devices so that the construction managers can take necessary actions after having real-time insights of employees, assets, and equipment in an effective style. The construction companies can better utilize their resources (employees & equipments) to optimize the entire construction process. Connected devices give real-time information, which helps in improving the downtime and achieving better project margin. Ultimately, M2M monitoring will help in developing any construction project in less time and cost.


IoT Based Smart Building Solution to Reduce Energy and Operational Costs

This white paper talks about the growing pressures faced by commercial buildings. Learn how our IoT based Softweb Smart Building solution can address these issues at an affordable cost.


The other major use of IoT in the construction industry is creating a safer work environment. Safety is of the utmost concern for the construction industry, which is affected by an annual 10% accident rate. GPS tracking and real-time alerts are improving safety of assets while keeping track of their usage. This is proactively improving safety and security of high-value assets such as employees and equipment.

How IoT can transform your construction industry:

Companies in the mining and construction industries can save up to $160 billion from implementing IoT systems.

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