Creating the next generation of Clinical Trial Management System

The traditional clinical trial process requires Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) to identify and enroll a pool of patients for a specific trial process. Then, the enrolled patients will have to visit CROs after a pre-defined interval of time in order to take their medication and to allow CROs to capture their vitals. Once the patient vitals are derived, the CROs will have to manually feed vital data in the data system, which is not only tedious but also consumes a great deal of time. In such scenario, smart clinical trial management can prove to be a game changer.

How to Build an IoT Based Smart Healthcare System
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How to Build an IoT Based Smart Healthcare System

IoT is revolutionizing Healthcare industry by bringing up new and advanced sensors connected with Internet producing essential data on real-time.


The role of a clinical trial management system

Despite having modern technologies and latest equipment at their deployment, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) are unable to produce reports at the same time when the drug starts showing its effects. In some instances, a patient might skip some of the medications, which may lead to the generation of altered or insufficient information that may further reflect in the report of the drug.

A Smart Clinical Trial Management System can be created with an aim to address the pain points in the existing clinical trial process and make it more insightful. Patient vitals are captured in real-time and its report is made available to CROs even when the patients are at a remote location. Depending upon the status of drug and its effects on the patient’s body, real-time data is a crucial factor to look upon. CROs require this data to monitor and inspect the overall progress of the process and know the effects of the drug.

The upsides of smart clinical trial management for CROs, DSMBs, and patients

  • Emergency support

    Emergency support

  • Real-time insights into operations

    Real-time insights into operations

  • Better financial management

    Better financial management

  • Environmental monitoring

    Improved billing compliance

  • Waste management system

    Efficient regulatory process

  • Water conservation system

    Chat assistance

According to an independent report, the global market of clinical trials is valued to be of approximately $550 million and is still growing strong with the rate of 5% every year.
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