Ensure miner’s safety and efficiency with Smart Connected Worker

Whether it’s steel to erect huge buildings or diamonds to show your love to your dear ones, all these are extracted and mined from depths of the earth. The mining industry is the reason we have all our luxuries around us. However, mining is one of the riskiest jobs of all. Imagine a human being working miles beneath the surface of the earth and by any means if an accident occurs at the site, it’s a catastrophic situation which no one wants to deal with.

Challenges the mining industry is currently facing

The major challenge the mining industry is currently facing today is ensuring the miners’ safety, track them remotely and achieve better regulatory compliance. The mining industry is constantly looking for mediums to monitor the activities of a miner while working in any accident prone zone. Apart from the safety of a miner, businesses are also in search for a solution that can improve the efficiency of miners.

Mining businesses are also dealing with challenges like;

  • Unexpected accidents in the mines
  • Ensuring worker safety
  • Identifying accident prone zones
  • Improving the efficiencies of the miners
  • Tracking miners
  • Uninterrupted communication in the mine
Connected worker, a solution ensuring the safety of miners

Connected worker, a solution ensuring the safety of miners

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How Smart Connected Worker elevates the security of miners

Connecting the miners, in addition to having a fully-connected system has now become a feasible solution to achieve better operational efficiency and to ensure miner safety and increased productivity. Along with connected assets and machinery, connected workers can help a company gain better regulatory compliance and take a real-time glance at miner activity and health.

With the help of wearables and RFID tags, an IoT-enabled Smart Connected Worker solution can track and monitor the presence of a worker in the mine. The solution allows supervisors to monitor the check-ins and check-outs of any particular worker in the mine. The information of the worker is fed to the chipset present at the wearables of the worker which is further captured by the sensors present in the mine.

During his time in the mine, the worker may enter some forbidden zones, which might not be safe for him. As soon as the worker steps into such a zone, the sensors present in the helmet and wearables automatically warn the worker and even alerts the management to take care of the worker.

Injuries are quite common in a mine, but these injuries can prove fatal in some instances. To avoid any such loss, the solution will keep a constant check on the worker. In any case a miner gets into a situation where, he has hurt himself quite seriously or has fallen from a height, the IoT-enabled Smart Connected Worker solution will inform the authorities who can give him proper treatment and guide him safely out of the mining area.

The upsides of Smart Connect worker;

  • Prescriptive Analytics

    Prescriptive Analytics

  • Compliance Friendly

    Compliance Friendly

  • Workforce Planning and Optimization

    Workforce Planning and Optimization

  • Fits in with Automation Advances

    Fits in with Automation Advances

Over 30 per cent of businesses will achieve a competitive advantage through connecting workers and exploiting digital technologies.

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