Our experts can help you take control of your IoT-enabled system

Every year, millions of devices are connected to the Internet. As the number of connected devices increases, the demand for managed services increases as well. To run an IoT system smoothly, a properly managed service is required in each layer of the IoT ecosystem. IoT managed services allow businesses to take a proactive approach towards operations and maintenance and predict machine downtime in advance so as to avoid sudden breakdown and failures.

IoT managed services offerings

IoT infrastructure monitoring

Installation and configuration consulting

Firmware updates/security patches management

Performance tuning and optimization of IoT infrastructure

Usage monitoring

Why managed services?

  • To monitor the behavior of assets
  • To minimize the maintenance cost
  • To optimize the performance of connected products
  • To make smarter decisions based on the behavioral pattern of the machines
  • To create an uninterrupted IoT environment
  • To find possible barriers in existing environment
  • To get notified in case of unfavorable system behavior
  • Trending and historical reporting of managed devices

Our offerings for IoT managed services

Monitoring and managing an IoT system becomes critical once the IoT solution is deployed successfully. Due to lack of solution maturity, the new model may be unable to detect abnormal behavior patterns or take actions without requiring human intervention. After deployment, you can take help of our experts to keep your IoT solution up and running, so you can refocus on your core tasks.

Service Offerings

IoT Consulting Services

Your IoT consulting journey will include everything from an on-premises IoT workshop that helps you identify the current state and understand how IoT can drive your digital transformation.


IoT Implementation Services

Our IoT consultants strive to provide the IoT solution you are looking for. After studying your existing system, we will create a blueprint for IoT implementation in your enterprise.