Quick start IoT in your organization

A workshop on why and how you should start with the Internet of Things with a proof of concept for your business

Five Week Journey

  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3-4
  • Week 5

Requirements gathering

First, we understand your requirements, discuss use cases, and study business problems that you may look to solve with IoT. In the initial phase, our IoT consultants will discuss short- and long-term goals associated with IoT adoption and suggest you the changes you probably would require to make in the internal processes of your business. Understanding your business processes and vision will allow us to put together an actionable plan to quickly launch your first IoT project and validate expectations.

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On-site workshop

The next step is to visit your facility and assess your existing infrastructure and various data sources to understand the current state. It ultimately helps us to understand in-house capabilities and identify technical requirements for IoT implementation including applications, sensors, platforms and devices. Our experts will advise you on the use cases that can possibly be built and how they will add value to your business. We will also review the possible roadblocks and define a realistic timeline for execution while establishing POC success criteria.

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Building an IoT Proof of Concept

POC development is a critical stage of the IoT deployment process. After the readiness assessment of your existing setup, we will work with our technical team to create a POC to validate the technological feasibility of the IoT solution in the long run. Our PoC includes the integration of devices, sensors, and platforms with your infrastructure, data aggregation, exploratory analysis, data engineering, predictive model building, data visualization, and evaluation and validation. In this stage, we will also identify technology challenges and plan to mitigate potential hazards to ensure a smooth launch of the IoT pilot project.

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Launching an IoT pilot and experiencing the result

This is the last phase of our IoT quick-start program wherein we will measure the impact of pilot deployment. The data is collected from various sources to analyze and realize the actual impact of an IoT-powered solution using which we will prepare a long term strategy for a full scale implementation. You will be able to see the direct benefits of having an IoT-enabled infrastructure in place when we will show you insightful reports on mobile devices based on which you can take smart decisions.

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Why you should be getting on the IoT bandwagon

The hype-filled days have gone by and IoT is already helping numerous companies realize its benefits

  • Remote monitoring

    Remote monitoring

    Monitor all connected assets from a unified interface available on desktops, tablets and mobile devices for any time, anywhere access.

  • Make every data source count

    Make every data source count

    With the numerous connections, our IoT solution makes sure that no data source is left alone. Gain the ability to analyze and act on untapped data.

  • Predictive analysis

    Predictive analysis

    Significantly reduce maintenance costs with continuous monitoring of equipment and processes. Predict future outcomes and uncover critical needs.

  • Integrate with existing systems

    Integrate with existing systems

    There is no need to replace any technology or system. Transform your business using IoT with a defined set of communicating standards.

  • Reduced Errors

    Reduced Errors

    Connected assets enable you to make data-driven decisions, which is an excellent way to reduce system costs by cutting down on waste and more importantly minimize errors.

  • Decreased Costs

    Decreased Costs

    Real-time monitoring and smart analytics enables you to make predictions about unknown future events which results in minimized downtimes and cost saving by eliminating production loss.

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