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Our Hadoop Development Services – Get Customized Big Data Solutions For Your Business

We are your one-stop solution for all types of Hadoop services right from consulting and development to integration and maintenance.

Big Data Consulting

Our Hadoop consulting services include guiding companies for Hadoop development to build insightful and data-driven solutions.

Design and Development

Leveraging the Hadoop ecosystem, our data science experts to deliver large scale big data solutions at cost effective rates.

Hadoop Integration

With data analytics expertise coupled with years of experience, our engineers integrate Hadoop based solutions with your enterprise applications.

Support and Maintenance

Our support and maintenance team ensures the safety and security of the business data analytics for your enterprise.

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Why Businesses Choose Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is the ideal open source software framework for big data analytics and data processing, as it stores, processes and analyzes large volumes of data in a distributed environment. Companies like Facebook and Google has been using Hadoop for big data solutions, as it yields plentiful benefits. It is fast, flexible, scalable and cost effective. It has the best fault tolerance power.

Softweb + Hadoop = Get Business Value Out of Big Data

Softweb Solutions helps businesses meet their business-critical data processing needs. Our data experts help you know which parts of Hadoop ecosystem best fit your organization. We help you deal with massive amount of data by providing unique insights leveraging technical expertise and core proficiency.

We enable large-scale big data architecture solutions and aid companies with every aspect of Hadoop deployment right from consultation and installation to configuration and optimization.

Big Data Storage and Analysis in Hadoop for a Retail Solutions Provider
Case Study

Big Data Storage and Analysis in Hadoop for a Retail Solutions Provider

The retail solutions provider specializing in footfall measurement needed a Big Data solution to handle its ever-growing user-generated data. The Hadoop solution that we implemented for the client has given it a system that is scalable, has strong fault-tolerance with robust backup and security features.

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"New IDC Forecast Sees Worldwide Big Data Technology and Services Market Growing to $48.6 Billion in 2019, Driven by Wide Adoption Across Industries"

We serve clients across various business verticals

Our clients include industries like Manufacturing, Logistics, Sports, Automobile, Energy, Construction, Field Service and Hospitality, to name a few. Here is how Finance, Retail and Healthcare leverage Hadoop for big data solutions.

  • Create a centralized data repository
  • Carry out pattern recognition for fraud detection
  • Build data driven profiles for customer risk analysis
  • Evaluate asset risk and spot market trends as part of market risk modelling
  • Process, analyze and audit trails in Hadoop as part of trade performance analytics
  • Achieve asset management by combining data sources in HDFS and analyzing it across different data sources
  • It can also help biotech companies in biodiversity indexing
  • Hadoop is the perfect Big Data technology for genome sequencing
  • The IO-intensive phases of seismic data processing can be optimized
  • Hadoop based tools can predict failure of aging grid equipment
  • A Hadoop solution is ideal for identifying usage patterns for data collected with smart meters.
  • Understand customer churn with Hadoop and identify the root causes
  • Set up a system to carry out brand and sentiment analysis
  • Pattern recognition is possible for data gathered from Point of Sales systems
  • Data insights from Hadoop solutions allow retailers to create more accurate pricing models
  • Increase customer loyalty with targeted offers based on data analysis
  • Online media companies can set up a centralized platform for gathering and analyzing all their data
  • Mobile advertisement platforms can also benefit from better analytics
  • Gaming sites and apps can eliminate data silos and get a unified view of their users
  • The search quality of eCommerce sites can be improved by understanding user search behavior
  • Hadoop plays an important role in the creation of a recommendation engine