Advanced Crime Analytics System

Modern way to prevent and solve crime faster

Advanced Crime Analytics System

How crime analytics can help reduce crime

Crime is trending up and violence is increasing all around the world. The law enforcement agencies dealing with these crimes need to tackle crime situations with new tactics and technologies. Crime analytics is a main component in the different set of activities that aimed at implementing, rectifying, and evaluating measures to detect and prevent crimes. In today’s technology driven world, advanced crime analytics driven by data science plays a crucial role by providing law enforcement agencies with deeper insights.

Creating a safe and secure environment

Nothing makes you feel worse about the crime that happened when you found it can be prevented! Softweb IoT can help you build models that carry out advanced crime analytics system which can be used to prevent the crime and solve those which have already happened. Our team of expert data scientists helps government, private security agencies, and media to find meaning from the raw data using scientific methods.

“The greatest value of data science in crime analytics is that it makes us see what we could never see before.”


Data Science Proof of Value

Our data scientists can make good use of predictive analytics technology for anticipating criminal behavior and prevent crime before it happens.

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How data science is solving real world problems Cybercrime

It is a fast growing area of crime which criminals are using anonymity of the Internet without any boundaries. Data science helps organizations to deal with catastrophic damage by cyber intrusion. With the help of data analytics and data visualization tools, it is possible to prevent crimes and solve those which have already happened. Our data scientist team can help you reveal valuable intelligence hidden in the big data to assist in the investigation.

Crime investigation

Whenever a team of crime investigators searching for persons interests related to the crime, that’s where data, science and analytics become extremely useful. It is very useful to detect crime entities, relationships, time period which might link to the crime.

Information security

Nowadays, it has become tedious for enforcement agencies to tackle crimes effectively. But, with the help of modern technology and tools it is possible to detect, prevent, and solve crimes. Big data is stored in every big organization and that’s why there are greater probabilities of information leakage. Large enterprises need to uncover smart insights from their long-stored big data and then use that information properly to prevent crimes.

Key advantages of using our crime analytics service

  • Turn big data into useful information
  • Discover hidden threats
  • Create context aware visualization
  • Instant active intelligence
  • Get mobile device analytics
  • Enhanced crime detection and prevention
  • Improved safety and reduced crime

Now crime analytics is being used to solve diverse crimes as drug smuggling, money laundering, human trafficking, terrorism, gun crime, etc. You can utilize data stored in your system to analyze crimes, which will help in crime detection and solving them effectively.

Our Crime Analytics Experiment

1. Communities & Crime Visualization

We experimented on a dataset which we took from the UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository. The dataset has been created using three sources of data.

  • Socio-economic data from the 1990 US census
  • Law enforcement data from the 1990 US LEMAS survey
  • Crime data from the 1995 FBI UCR


The dataset describes the violent crime rate within cities in each and every state in America. The city population records merged with crime records helped our data scientists to identify the crime that occurs within a particular city for every state. They created a visualization using R packages and Plotly library to generate an interactive scatterplot crime graph.

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Key Insights:

  • Visualization represents the city population within the states and an average crime rate in that particular city. The cities are identified by the color dots.
  • Users can view details for a particular state by disabling the other states.
    For e.g. If a user wants to view the crime rate for a city in Washington then he can disable the rest of the states by clicking on it.
    Details for the crime rate for a particular city can be viewed by hovering on the data point.
  • Click and drag on the chart to zoom into the data points.
  • Double click to zoom back to the original visualization.

2. San Francisco Crime Classification

The other dataset we took was from Kaggle. The dataset includes crime data taken from 1995 FBI UCR. This dataset describes the crime records of San Francisco with specific crime type, day, and location. The team of data scientists at Softweb IoT used R packages to generate visualization, whereas the Leaflet library was used to create interactive and custom web maps.

Key Insights:

  • Users can select any crime category to visualize that particular incident.
  • The web-based map gets displayed with the data points representing the location of crime incident.
  • Hoovering on a particular data point will give you the exact information of the street where that incident happened and on which day that crime happened.

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