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Softweb Smart Factory

Measuring performance & effectiveness across production lines

Softweb Smart Factory helps monitor not just connected machines and equipment but each and every process on your shop floor to gain unprecedented operational visibility. The solution brings in advanced capabilities such as prescriptive analytics and integrated supply chain management to analyze data across machines and make the process more efficient by making smart decisions on time.

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Softweb Smart Asset Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility into asset performance

Softweb Smart Asset Monitoring solution is a part of IoT initiatives, which empowers you to monitor assets remotely regardless of location. As the IoT-based solution is integrated with an existing ecosystem, it not only provides a single view of assets, but it is also a greater way to improve equipment availability.

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Smart Connected Worker

Softweb Smart Connected Worker

Gaining real-time visibility into worker health and safety

We have built an IoT solution that connects people directly to their work environments. Softweb Connected Worker not only boosts operational efficiency but also dramatically improves the way people work with the help of wearable intelligent sensors.

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Smart Retail

Attract, acquire, and engage customers

Deliver personalized shopping experiences to your customers with Softweb Smart Retail. It’s a proximity marketing platform powered by beacons and location-based technologies, empowering you to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target audience.

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We transform businesses – be it an enterprise or startup

Jump onto Internet of Things bandwagon with us

Our Smart Offerings

Our comprehensive set of IoT services

Leave your business problems and technology needs to us. Softweb Solutions will handle the entire IoT journey including consultation, IoT-enabled infrastructure development and deployment, managed services and also build bespoke industrial IoT solutions.

  • IoT Consulting

    Make your organization IoT-enabled

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  • IoT Implementation

    Make industrial IoT work for you

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  • IoT Platforms

    Develop, deploy, and manage connected products

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  • IoT Quick-Start Program

    Quick-start your IoT journey with two weeks PoV program

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  • 23

    May 2018

    How analytics can help you to monetize your IoT data

    Time:6:00 PM CT TO 8:00 PM CT

    Location:Plano, TX

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  • 23

    May 2018

    Smart Factory: The strongest profitability lever of your organization

    Time:5:30 PM CT TO 7:30 PM CT

    Location:Chicago, IL

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  • 24

    May 2018

    Is old machinery a roadblock? Here’s how to transform them into smart machines

    Time:11:00AM TO 11:45AM CT


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  • 29

    May 2018

    App in a day workshop with Microsoft Business Application Platform

    Time:9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

    Location:Dallas, TX

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  • 30

    May 2018

    Data science and machine learning: key to predicting churn

    Time:5:30 PM CT TO 8:30 PM

    Location:Plano, TX

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  • 31

    May 2018

    Blockchain: changing the way businesses manage transactions

    Time:5:30 PM CT TO 8:30 PM CT

    Location:Plano, TX

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About Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions Inc. is a Chicago based tech consulting and development company working with organizations across the world to implement the best-of-breed solutions and processes to help them meet their business challenges.

Over a decade of experience with the world’s leading companies has given us the expertise to offer strategy, design, engineering solutions and R&D services to companies in every industry. Our clients are able to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging our expertise in all the tech areas – from IoT systems to data science projects and mission critical apps, we never fail to deliver.

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A little bit more about our experience

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A little bit more about our experience


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