IoT in agriculture – a way towards smart farming

To many people, the term “IoT” or “Internet of Things” conjures images of latest gadgets like Google Glass, Apple Watch or even self-driving cars. In fact, some of the most innovative and practical applications are happening in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – smart cities, smart agriculture, smart factories, etc. However, the application of IoT in agriculture can have the greatest impact.

The Internet of Things is transforming the agriculture industry like never before by empowering farmers and growers to deal with the enormous challenges they face. Till now, agriculture has been a high-risk, labor-intensive, low-reward industry. Farmers are very likely to be impacted by unexpected environmental changes, economic downturns, and many other risk factors.

How IoT can reshape farming

IoT can help farmers in a number of ways. At its most basic level, sensors can be deployed across farm and farming machineries in order to enable farmers to gain an abundance of insightful data, such as the temperature of stored produce, the amount of fertilizer used, the amount of water in the soil, the number of seeds planted, storage conditions, the status of farming equipment and machinery in use, etc. Once an IoT-enabled smart system is in place, farmers can easily track a variety of environmental variables and take informed decisions.

Rather than just an enhancement, smart farming is a necessary innovation, which if correctly implemented could help farmers to deal with all the challenges they face in farming. Moreover, the rich insights derived from smart sensors could help farmers be more precise in their use of pesticides and fertilizers, thus mitigating some environmental impacts.

IoT deployment in agriculture can address many challenges and increase the quality, quantity, and cost-effectiveness of agricultural production.

Sensors, Wearables and Internet of Things – The Dawn of the Smart Era

Sensors, Wearables and Internet of Things – The Dawn of the Smart Era

IoT have played a major role in this radical shift to the smart era. Enterprises have already started implementing sensors and connected devices. Download the paper and learn more about it.


What you can do with IoT in agriculture

  • Smart irrigation

    Smart irrigation

  • Livestock monitoring

    Livestock monitoring

  • Sensor based precision agriculture

    Sensor based precision agriculture

  • Remote crop monitoring

    Remote crop monitoring

  • Remote monitoring quality of soil

    Remote monitoring quality of soil

  • Smart warehousing, logistics, and distribution

    Smart warehousing, logistics, and distribution

  • Wine quality enhancing

    Wine quality enhancing

  • Greenhouse monitoring and automation system

    Greenhouse monitoring and automation system

The Internet of Things (IoT) could be key to the farming industry, increasing food production by 70% to feed the 9.6 billion global population expected by 2050, according to Beecham Research.

Source: Beecham Research
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