The Internet of Things and Smart Buildings

The constant increase in energy consumption coupled with rising operational costs and shrinking budgets makes building management one of the top most concerns for building owners.

This makes building automation systems a must-have for building operators. Managers need insights and understanding of how their buildings work, the peak time for office space and energy usage and what utilities are being used. Manually tackling these issues is an arduous, as well as, dated task.

Today, the solution required to automate the building has to be inexpensive, and capable of producing measurable results as quickly as possible. Rather than replacing the entire existing setup, which would end up adding to the cost, interconnecting existing disparate systems helps in making the most of every investment made.

With the rise of the Internet of Things, cheaper sensors, and easy to operate and rent cloud computing facilities, this system has gotten simplified with numerous small and medium-sized companies being able to afford this technology. This is helping companies reduce operational costs and increasing the efficiency of the building, at a level which is not possible by human capabilities alone.

Creating Intelligent Buildings with Softweb

Softweb Smart Occupancy solution lets you monitor and act upon the above mentioned challenges, solving each problem with specific sensors in designated places, a cloud setup, and a centralized system with the ability to process and present that data remotely.

Our solution can be configured to give the decision makers the ability to monitor space usage and energy usage based on various parameters. The data that is gathered can be filtered and analyzed to get detailed insights with the use of BI tools. The key benefits are:

Lower operating costs

Minimal infrastructure changes

Automated database querying

Increased efficiency

Want to build a smart occupancy solution for your building?

The Softweb Way of Working



Talk to us to find out the feasibility of making your building smarter with our occupancy solution.



Our solution architects will design a customized solution based on your specific needs.



Our engineers then work on enhancing your infrastructure with sensors and other embedded systems



With this new system in place, your decision makers will start getting real-time actionable insights.

How the Softweb Smart Occupancy Solution Works

  • Sensors collect air quality, temperature and humidity data
  • Two-factor authentication for secure access
  • Get real-time door status for each floor with motion detectors
  • Single point of access gives better monitoring capability
  • Multiple sites, facilities and systems can be controlled easily
  • Beacons and cameras in rooms and open spaces provide the occupancy reports
Case Study

Developing Building Automation Applications using IoT for a Commercial Building

A financial services company operating in a ten story commercial building and housing an active staff of 2,000 employees was concerned about their energy usage and parking issues. The Smart Building solution uses mobility, sensors and the cloud, and gives a low-cost building manager with remote monitoring and programming.

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A brief list of sensors that are used in our solution depending upon each building’s requirements


  • Temperature & Humidity
  • CO and CO2
  • Dust
  • Gas
  • VOC

Motion Sensing
& Security

  • Motion
  • Vibration
  • Beacons
  • Door


  • Water
  • Noise
  • Camera
  • Power

  • Preferred Areas
  • Forecasting Peak Hours
  • Capacity vs Occupancy
  • Temperature
Preferred Areas

Preferred Areas

Generate reports that give the decision makers in your organization the ability to know which areas get a higher occupancy rate and which ones have a high vacancy rate.

Forecasting Peak Hours

Forecasting Peak Hours

Get room specific usage analytics in the form of charts and tables. Know the peak hours for each room by hour, day or week. View the average time taken for each meeting in all the rooms.

Capacity vs Occupancy

Capacity vs Occupancy

See reports on room or area capacity and its occupancy level. Get better space utilization with the ability to analyze which areas in the building are overcrowded and which ones can accommodate more employees.



Keep track of air quality in your office premises by generating graphs of CO2 levels. Also track temperature and humidity levels to maintain a healthy office environment for your employees.

Predictive Occupancy Heat Map

Gather occupancy data continuously and get a heat map of the entire building. Analyze historical data and generate a heat map for future occupancy patterns.

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Why You Need to Have Smart Occupancy for Your Building

Increased Energy Efficiency Results in Cost Savings

When you combine your building’s existing control systems with our smart occupancy solution, you get a system that can detect and solve building issues before they create a major breakdown.

According to a CBEC Survey, only about six percent of all commercial buildings have a building automation system, and the penetration of building automation rises to only about 25 percent among even the verticals known for complex, automated buildings, like healthcare and universities. Our solution uses real-time data from HVAC systems in the following two ways:

  • It can start heating or cooling based on predictive analytics.
  • The lighting systems can be turned on or off based on motion detectors.

A Better Return on Investment

The integration of our solution in your buildings also helps you get a better ROI due to the fact that you can improve your asset utilization. This is possible in the following ways:

  • Predictive analysis can be used to calculate various taxes and generate accurate leasing and rental income projections.
  • You can offer this service to your own customers who are renting or buying the property.
  • Get detailed insights on which properties have excess capacity or wasteful energy usage.

Increase Employee Productivity by Providing Optimum Working Conditions

Our solution gives the management insights on which areas are more occupied through heat maps and also real-time reports. All this information can be used to gauge the capacity vs occupancy ratio.

Management can then use this knowledge to build the appropriate facilities. For example, if in an office with several floors, one of the floors has a capacity of 100 employees, but there are always around 120 employees present for most of the day on that floor. This information can be then used to optimize the floor to accommodate the extra employees.

Create a Safer Work Environment

Having access to systems that give early warning information or help in early detection of issues can be helpful in savings lives and property. With our solution it is possible to monitor and optimize the movement of people who are leaving the building.

In times of emergencies, the first responders can be given a count of occupants along with their specific locations in the building.

Strong Security Features

Along with a safer environment, our smart occupancy solution also helps you create integrated access control systems to detect intrusion and have other security capabilities at your disposal. You can secure the access to your buildings with two-factor authentication, define permissions based on user roles and use the video footage that is captured to look into break-ins and alarms. It can also support various types of cards such as RFID and biometric authentication.

Go Green

The energy savings that you get out of our smart occupancy solution result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This can be used to get tax credits and other government incentives for your organization.