Users of Smart Healthcare

If you are a daycare center, assisted living facility, community health center, primary healthcare center or an outpatient clinic, we can help you. Our smart healthcare solutions give you data accuracy resulting in better prediction of health related issues and proactive treatment plans.


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How to build an IoT-based Smart Healthcare System

This white paper explains the IoT implementation strategy for the healthcare industry and also lists out Softweb Solutions’ workshop agenda.

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Host our workshop on how to set up an IoT-enabled healthcare facility

  • Understand your processes and compliance requirements
  • Learn about existing infrastructure, legacy systems and data flows between various departments
  • Identify processes that can be improved and automated with IoT
  • Provide a list of sensors and other hardware requirements along with the required software systems
  • Create a roadmap on how to keep existing compliance and data security intact with new systems in place

Smart healthcare under the hood


  • Sensors that collect patient data
  • Gateway to transmit the data
  • Cloud computing to store, process and analyze the data
  • Web and mobile applications for caregivers and patients
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