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We work with all major open source and proprietary IoT platforms

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Microsoft Azure IoT Services

We can help you select the right Azure service and implement it in your factory, office, retail store or anywhere else. This involves solutions for device connectivity, storage, analytics, machine learning and action apps.

Logi Analytics Development Services

We work with all the major open source and proprietary IoT platforms

ThingWorx can be deployed on the cloud or on-premises. This platform is ideal for you to create end-to-end smart applications.

Available as a cloud service model, it is a good option for companies that do not want to manage all of their IoT related hardware on their own.

This is an end-to-end solution for unifying various hardware and software products with a repeatable foundation of building blocks that can be customized for limitless solutions.

The open source project by the AllSeen Alliance is OS, platform and brand agnostic. The open source codebase ensures interoperability among a wide range of devices.

This is a service-oriented and event-driven Digital Business Platform with high-level app services, visual development and accessible through APIs.

Connect products and services for rapid growth with the highly modular, secure and scalable customized platform to accelerate time to market and revenue.

Manages and monetizes IoT services with easy development and rapid scaling to ensure higher service reliability with real-time intelligence and monitoring.

Available as a cloud platform-as-a-service, this open source friendly platform supports many programming languages and is used to run, deploy and manage cloud applications.


Why organizations must implement machine learning

Webinar Agenda
  • Machine learning in general
  • Why it is relevant more than ever
  • Supervised Learning – Features, Algorithms, Applications
  • Unsupervised Learning – Features, Algorithms, Applications
  • Examples and strategies
  • Feedback / questions


Choose from our six Smart Solutions centered on IoT technologies that you can buy off the shelf and start using in your organization.

Why you need an IoT platform

  • Flawless integration

    Flawless integration

    Enterprise grade integration mechanisms ensure easy adaptation of existing workflows, business processes and information systems.

  • Faster development

    Faster development

    Create new processes with ease and add business applications through common interfaces for faster development.

  • Optimum security

    Optimum security

    Secure data received from all sources of your IoT ecosystem with state-of-the-art data security systems.

  • Automation


    Operate and maintain device and data tasks by automating business processes and save management costs.

  • Interoperability


    Accelerate time to market, reduce deployment and maintenance costs of IoT solutions by utilizing interoperable technologies.

  • Centralized access

    Centralized access

    Get single point for adapting protocols and data models for gathering the information and managing the communications.


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