Predictive Maintenance

A smart way to predict quality issues or asset failures before they occur to avoid downtime and implement corrective measures to maximize machine availability

Maintenance is typically performed at a regular interval of time (also known as preventive maintenance) to lessen the likelihood of failure of a machine. For example, water filters in an ice machine should be serviced every 6 months because the quality of the ice product is solely dependent upon the quality of the water. It has always been considered as a good practice to perform maintenance while the equipment is still working so that it does not break down unexpectedly. Normally, a maintenance schedule is provided by manufacturers. In the worst case, maintenance is performed after a failure has already occurred. However, unexpected downtime and unscheduled maintenance can translate to higher maintenance costs and increased customer dissatisfaction. Focusing on assets is one of the areas of opportunity to optimize field service management, but unfortunately, many organizations lack visibility and predictability into their assets’ health and performance. This is where predictive maintenance (PdM) comes into play.

What is predictive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance uses a number of tools and techniques to continuously monitor the condition of equipment and machineries to predict failures. Since predictive maintenance techniques facilitate identifying the symptoms of wear and likelihood of failures in advance, enterprises can take informed decisions about maintenance planning and improve customer service.

Getting Started with Predictive Maintenance

Getting Started with Predictive Maintenance

No business can afford sudden downtime. Accidental breakdown of the machinery in a tremendously competitive market is awful and this can cause a company to fail to meet customer demands.

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Why do we need predictive maintenance?

In today’s competitive market, it’s important for organizations to adopt predictive maintenance techniques as this technology enables organizations to prevent the occurrence of breakdowns which leads to unexpected downtime of a machine. Unplanned machinery failure will directly cause organizations to fail to meet customers’ demands or expectations. Having a PdM program in place will enable continuous monitoring and identify any problem as it begins to occur.

Today, many industries are taking advantages of predictive maintenance as it facilitates fault detection during early stages. Below are the top benefits of predictive maintenance:

Reduces equipment costs

Instead of replacing the entire piece of equipment due to unexpected breakdown, maintenance work is performed prior to failure and cost is reduced to the price of the component and the labor needed for the repair.

Reduces labor costs

When asset maintenance is planned, the overall time needed for repair is reduced because only a few parts are required to be replaced instead of requiring extensive repairs. Also, the frequency of repair to avoid unexpected failure of equipment will be minimized and the amount of “critical callouts” will be greatly reduced.

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Reduces production losses

As predictive analytics allows organizations to take informed decisions about when to plan the next maintenance by helping in identifying factors leading to production failures, organizations can greatly reduce equipment downtime and product losses.

Increases revenue

Continuous monitoring of assets will allow organizations to reduce the overall number of repairs and also enable them to manage maintenance programs more effectively, thereby reducing repair time and increasing revenue.

Increases safety

Predictive maintenance would allow potential problems to be fixed prior to failure, meaning organizations can understand key drivers of workplace accidents that were previously not visible. Enterprises can gain useful insights and use them to effectively address workplace safety and risk management.

Increases efficiency of field service technicians

By identifying the exact problem in a machine, a field service technician will know which parts, tools, and support are needed to perform repair and avoid failure.

Enables innovation

Innovation is not something that can be achieved overnight. But once enterprises have embraced predictive maintenance techniques and are well-versed in the concept, a number of intriguing opportunities will open up.

Webinar on Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

Webinar on Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

  • What is Predictive Maintenance
  • Understanding of concept
  • Benefits of Predictive Maintenance in manufacturing
  • Internet of Things platforms
  • How IoT data is analyzed

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Data science and predictive maintenance

Data science presents businesses with an opportunity to drive innovation and stay ahead of the curve. Thanks to recent advancements in machine communication technologies (also known as M2M) and sensors, predictive maintenance has come to the forefront. The Internet of Things was an alien technology until quite recently, but people now know what it’s all about. Sensors that are embedded into various machines and systems can monitor the condition of a machine 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This helps an operator to monitor machines effectively, identify looming faults, and calculate the optimal time for the next maintenance by performing predictive analysis. In this way, enterprises can get deeper insights and predict situations that could become a bottleneck in the future and take necessary steps to avoid it.

How our data scientists can help you

Not focusing on improvement of maintenance, repair, and operations of your machinery will directly add to the company’s overhead. At Softweb, our team of IoT and data scientists can help you gather data from machines by installing sensors, create and integrate a predictive model into your systems, reveal new, actionable insights, and provide you with predictive analytics capability (dependent upon your business setup and needs). Our goal is to empower companies with a complete and highly accurate picture of the machine in a variety of environments to eliminate blind spots, avoid unexpected machine failures, and increase customer satisfaction.

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