Web Analytics

Track website and mobile app visitors and gain insights to maximize your online reach.

Web Analytics

The Internet has redefined businesses, especially since the turn of the millennium. Regardless of the nature of business or service offering, the world wide web is home to every and any entity, enabling the much required online presence that is imperative for awareness, growth, visibility, and engagement.

At the backend of websites and mobile apps lie vast amounts of data that have the potential to transform businesses. This data is stored in numerous places that include in-house storage as well as the cloud. The collection of all that data, once organized and analyzed, can lead to deeper and meaningful insights that were not achievable before.

Using historical data of site or app visitors, data scientists can help you make sense of the large amount of web and mobile app related data that you have gathered over the years. You can club this with sentiment analysis to derive even deeper insights from your site visitors.

  • Track web and mobile visitors
  • Measure the effectiveness of all campaigns
  • Run effective campaigns with predictive analysis
  • View data from multiple sources on a unified dashboard

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Want to track web and mobile visitors more effectively and uncover hidden insights to run effective campaigns with predictive analysis?

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Armed with all the web-related data, our scientists can carry out the below mentioned services to optimize your web presence.

A/B & Multivariate Testing
Measure the effectiveness of your web pages by splitting your web traffic. We can help you direct half the users to version A of a page and the other half to version B. This way, you can get to know the design and content that works and create your next web strategy with the insights from those results.

Test multiple variables and find the ideal combinations that are possible with multivariate testing. This approach can help you optimize web pages and implement new designs to increase conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Optimization

With the use of web analytics tools, heat maps, survey tools and multivariate testing you can increase your conversion rates.

  • Cohort analysis: Segment users into relevant groups based on attributes of your choosing, and analyze how users react to changes.
  • Content optimization: Reach out to the right audience with the right content. Effective CTAs and a good layout can increase user engagement and satisfaction.
  • User experience and conversion funnel: Increase lead conversion by reducing extra pages and other detrimental points to reduce bounce rate.

Website Audit

A thorough analysis of your entire website will lead to actionable insights such as, which pages are resulting in a loss of traffic and which pages are converting. Our team will conduct a code audit, review account filters and track custom URLs.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine relevancy is now more important than ever, whether it is Google, Bing or Yahoo! We can help you with the following SEO services to maximize your Internet reach.

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Penalty Assessment and Recovery
  • Content Development and Optimization

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Lead Generation

If your business or service offering relies on web traffic that converts to leads, our team of experts can help you with;

  • Lead Scoring
  • Form Analytics
  • Churn Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Uninstallation Analysis
  • Customer Engagement Analysis

eCommerce Analytics

These are the types of sites with maximum user interactions as well as transactions. From user interface to design elements to the products you carry, you need constant analysis to maintain an edge over the competition. Online businesses need to cut costs, increase their awareness and generate higher profit.

  • TV Tracking
  • Product Portfolio Analysis
  • eCommerce Pricing Analysis
  • eCommerce Shipping Cost Analysis

Start gathering insights from your web traffic

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