Data science driven inventory management

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To run the business smoothly, inventory is an essential need that every organization needs to maintain for different purposes. The reasons for having inventories can vary from business to business. Any kind of inventory process can create financial impact on health of the business. To stop any kind of inconveniences with your business you need to follow the appropriate inventory management structure.

Data science can help your organization answer the three most important questions when it comes to inventory management –

  • How much inventory do you need?
  • When will you need it?
  • Where will you need it?

Webinar on Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

Data science-driven smart inventory management system for manufacturers

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Inventory management is not a new activity in the business world; however it has got tougher than ever before in the age of big data.

Date: Wednesday, Sep 14, 2016

Time: 11:00AM CT, 12:00PM ET

Duration: 45 minutes

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What will our data scientists do for your inventory management

Our highly experienced data scientists will help you in avoiding costly mismatches in your business’s supply chain management. They know how you can identify which process steps are needed to complete in advance in order to meet the market demand and to elevate performance to the advanced level.

  • High-level analysis on inventory data.
  • Healthier analytical insight.
  • Extensive analysis based on inventory data.
  • Excellent use of efficient matching algorithms.
  • Key Performance Metrics to evaluate data patterns.
  • Revolutionary analysis to predict decision support systems.

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Advantages of data science for inventory management and warehousing

Inventory management and supply chain management are the strength of any business operations. If you are the business owner, your business needs data science services to manage your inventory management for replenishing stock, tracking costs of inventory, profits or forecasting prices, inventory and demand. Good inventory management practices performed by our data science team will help you in adding value in terms of having control over and maintaining your inventory.

  • You can carry out segmentation to create unique inventory policies.
  • It helps in optimizing your inventory levels.
  • We can help you keep track of stock churn, consumer demand and your vendors
  • It will provide detailed demand forecasting.
  • You can look for inventory related underlying problems.
  • Analysis can help in considering alternative inventory models.
  • You can bridge the gap between market needs.
  • Facilitate future consumption, sale or further processing/value addition.
  • It will improve real-time inventory tracking and management.
  • It will generate route optimization and more efficient transportation using GPS-enabled big data telematics.
  • It can give demand-driven forecasting through a combination of structured and unstructured data.
  • You can create more effective supplier negotiations based on in-store records.
  • Analysis can help to predict market trends, demand & supply patterns over a period of time.
  • This process may improve supplier selection, price negotiation and supplier evaluation and the approach for supplier selection/evaluation.
  • It will help you in finding a system to track orders, shipping, costs, stock and sales.
  • Time to time analysis of data gives surety of the correctness and effectiveness of supply-chain management
  • Predict inventory status & track materials
  • Data science can help you undertake preventive measures to reduce supply disruption.

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If you are worried about your inventory management process that involves tracking orders, shipping, costs, stocks and sales then our expert data scientists are available to help you to gain an edge over your competitors and come out ahead in the age of data.

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