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AWS IoT is a cloud platform that allows connected devices to securely interact with other devices and cloud applications. The platform is capable of supporting billions of devices and trillions of messages at a given time while securely processing and acting upon the device data. With the help of AWS IoT, applications can have uninterrupted communication with all the devices, even when they are offline.

AWS IoT can help devices to connect to AWS services like AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Machine Learning, AWS CloudTrail, and Amazon CloudWatch to create IoT applications that can gather, process, analyze and act on devices data, eliminating the need to manage infrastructure.

6 reasons why our developers love AWS IoT

  • Remote monitoring

    AWS IoT Device SDK

    You can connect your devices, authenticate them and send across messages using AWS IoT protocols. It supports C, JavaScript and Arduino.

  • Device Gatewayt

    Device Gateway

    It lets devices communicate with AWS IoT exchanging messages using one-to-one and one-to-many communications.

  • Authentication and Authorization

    Predictive Analysis

    AWS IoT makes sure that the data between the devices and AWS IoT is never exchanged without the proven identity.

  • Registry


    It gives a unique identity to all devices irrespective of its type or connection. Registry also supports metadata and lets you store metadata for free.

  • Device Shadows

    Device Shadows

    It is the virtual version of device that stores the latest state of device so that other devices and apps can interact with that device.

  • Rules Engine

    Rules Engine

    It helps in building IoT apps that collects, processes, analyzes and acts on data generated by connected devices.

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Why choose softweb for AWS IoT services

As your AWS IoT consulting partner, Softweb can streamline your IoT applications. It takes a great deal of knowledge and experience to develop IoT applications that can transfer a bulk of data. Softweb Solutions can make AWS IoT work for you by leveraging our familiarity with the platform and by developing robust IoT applications that meet your business needs. Our AWS IoT services makes use of the cloud managed platform to provide all the essential functions to collect, store, analyze, and act on the bulk of data that is generated and shared between all of the connected devices.

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